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Welcome to 2024 and a new school year!

We are also thrilled to present ‘Complex Reading Difficulties – a collaborative approach’ this Term. This seminar is being presented by the NSW Centre for Effective Reading and the Child Development Unit at CHW. With four fabulous presenters it is sure to be an excellent opportunity to hear the latest information and research on reading difficulties for primary and high school students.

One initiative of the LDC in 2024 is our free Parent Talk Series. Each term a presenter will give a talk specifically for parents of children and adolescents with learning difficulties. Andrew Greenfield (the LDC Vice-President and Child & Educational Psychologist) will present our first talk on ‘Behaviour support and parenting tips for kids with ADHD and learning difficulties’ on Tuesday 26th March. This first talk has been super popular and is almost fully booked. If you miss out on this talk, you may want to consider joining the LDC so that you get notified first about our next talk. See the Membership page if you are interested.

Stay tuned for more great plans in 2024 for the LDC.

February 2024

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Teacher Tip

Take the time to really get to know all your students with learning difficulties and find out their strengths and interests. A good relationship will help both the student (feeling supported, seen and understood) and you the teacher (encouraging positive outcomes in the student’s work and behaviour).

Inspirational Quote

“You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way” Anon

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