Source Kids

Visuals and video-modelling for autistic children
Jan 2024
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The key takeaways from Australia’s ‘heartbreaking’ ADHD inquiry report
Tues 7 Nov 2023
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How to help a disorganised student: some practical ideas and resources
September 2023
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ABC News

Mainstream Australian classrooms ‘not prepared’ to educate the expanding cohort of autistic students
Wed 29 Nov 2023
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Inside the inclusive Canberra art studio helping neurodivergent people ‘find their tribe’
Tue 2 Jan 2024
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How to ensure students get the teaching and support they need to read well
Tues 13 Feb 2024
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The government is looking to improve the lives of autistic Australians and wants your advice
Mon 1 April 2024

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Sydney Morning Herald

Schools in wealthy areas claim more HSC exam help as provisions double in a decade
Sun 23 Mar 2024
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NSW Department of Education

More support classes in mainstream schools for students with disability
Mon 19 Feb 2024
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