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Anxiety in students with learning difficulties
Presenter Maria Ivanka Milic
Clinical Psychologist (Child, Adolescent and Family)
Anxiety is a normal emotion experienced by everyone. There are numerous triggers at school that may turn on one’s anxiety including organising oneself, getting started on a task, sustaining one’s focus and completing tasks, receiving feedback and evaluation of work, and managing difficulties with learning, social interactions and friendships. There are also many outside triggers (home and community) that may have an impact on the school day. For primary and secondary students, growing up involves the important skill of building awareness of feelings, learning skills to tolerate experiencing and speaking about the negative feelings, and learning skills to take care of one’s negative feelings. As well, they need to build strategies to manage negative feelings in different contexts and in interactions with others who may also have their own way of expressing and managing their feelings. This workshop will aim to increase teachers’, parents’ and other professionals’ understanding of anxiety in students, and provide a repertoire of cognitive and behavioural strategies that can be used to support them in managing their anxiety at school and home.
Date Tuesday 28th March 2023

Registration: 9:45am

Seminar: 10:00am-12:00pm (Including question time)
Location Online and Zoom Seminar
Contact Phone: 02 9806 9960  Email: info@ldc.org.au

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