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Tuesday 12th November 2019 

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Helping Students with Specific Learning Difficulties
Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia

Hayley Smith and Katrina Sheraton-Yu

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Title: Helping Students with Specific Learning Difficulties
Presenter: Hayley Smith and Katrina Sheraton-Yu
  Hayley is an Occupational Therapist & Specific Learning Difficulties Assessor & Teacher. Katrina is a Psychologist and Teacher.
It is estimated that 1 in 10 children have a Specific Learning Disorder in reading, writing and/or Mathematics. This means that in most classrooms, there are at least three to five students experiencing significant challenges in learning basic reading, spelling, writing and numeracy skills. Some may be diagnosed with a Specific Learning Difficulty such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia or another diagnosis impacting on learning (such as DCD/Dyspraxia). Other students may not yet be diagnosed whilst still struggling within the classroom. Professionals and teachers all want to do their very best to help these students reach their potential and are seeking ways to best support them. Katrina and Hayley have worked with these students and their families for over 15 years within a school and private clinic setting. This presentation will help you know what red flags to look for and will provide practical strategies in planning and implementing intervention, as well as helping them at home and throughout the school day to ensure they can achieve success and thrive.

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