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Behaviour Support for Students with Learning Difficulties
Presenter Kristin Bayley
Speech Pathologist and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)
Kristin is a strong advocate of a student-centred and function-based approach to positive behaviour support. Effective, appropriate support for behaviours of concern can only occur once there is a clear understanding of what that behaviour achieves for the student. In this talk, you will learn about: • Some tools you can use to identify the ‘why’ of behaviours that occur across environments such as school and home. • Identifying preventative strategies and replacement skills: matching the ‘Why do they do it?’ with the ‘What do we do about it?’. • Strategies for teaching replacement skills. • The fundamentals of function based thinking when understanding and developing strategies for behaviours of concern for primary and secondary students with learning difficulties
Date 5th April 2022

Registration: 9:45am

Seminar: 10:00am-12:00pm (Including question time)
Venue Online and Zoom Seminar
Contact Phone: 02 9806 9960  Email: info@ldc.org.au

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Refund of fees, less 30% administration, will be available up to 14 days prior to conference commencement. No cancellations accepted later than 14 days to conference.  Substitute delegates welcomed at no extra charge.

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