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Tuesday 10th November 2020

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Key Strategies for Children & Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum

Anna Tullemans

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Title: Autism Consultant, Author and Presenter
Presenter: Anna Tullemans
This online presentation will cover a variety of topics for teachers, parents and professionals that will help you understand what it means to have Autism Spectrum. It will contain information on why behaviours happen and how to work with and reduce these behaviours. Included in the discussions will be the impact of co-morbid conditions and how these may impact the use of effective strategies. It will also incorporate information on girls who have an Autism Spectrum diagnosis, understanding how and why girls may present differently and how to support them through the ages. This presentation will also encompass the anxiety experienced by children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum from changes of routine that the Coronavirus has created, for example changes to schooling. We will look at strategies to help them cope in these difficult and stressful times.

LDC Member (Seminar Entry): $35
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Seminar Entry and new Individual Membership (until Monday 31st May 2021) $68
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6 staff permitted @ member rate per School/organisation Membership
Refund of fees, less 30% administration, will be available up to 14 days prior to conference commencement. No cancellations accepted later than 14 days to conference.  Substitute delegates welcomed at no extra charge.

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