LDC Office at
The Children's Hospital
PO Box 140
NSW 2145
tel: 02 9806 9960

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LDC is a coalition of individuals and parent support groups which provides support and information about children (5-18 yrs) with learning difficulties and related conditions

children with learning disabilities at school
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Parent Helpline
We are just a phone call away

Parent helpline school hours
02 9806 9960
Open School Days
9am - 3pm
during school terms only
Please note: the LDC office is closed during NSW School Holidays
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What's New?

 ***LDC Covid-19 Updates*** 

 Office has returned to Westmead

We are pleased to let you know that the LDC office is no longer operating remotely due to COVID-19 and has returned to the Children's Hospital at Westmead.

   Our Term 1 Seminar is moving online!

For those attendees who are registered for our Term 1 Seminar, we have rescheduled this seminar to a Zoom Online Meeting. Please see the seminars page for further details. If you have any further questions re the seminar please feel free to contact the office via phone/email.


An LDC membership offers many benefits. Click here for further details.

We now offer 1 year and 3 year memberships for Individuals, Schools and Organisations.

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