LDC Office at
The Children's Hospital
PO Box 140
NSW 2145
tel: 02 9806 9960

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LDC is a coalition of individuals and parent support groups which provides support and information about children (5-18 yrs) with learning difficulties and related conditions

children with learning disabilities at school
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Term 1 Seminar 2023
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Parent Helpline
We are just a phone call away

Parent helpline school hours
02 9806 9960
Open School Days
9am - 3pm
during school terms only
Please note: the LDC office is closed during NSW School Holidays
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What's New?

NEW Tool Kit


 This booklet covers areas such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disorders, Motor Disorders and Communication Disorders. Please see the Resources page for further details about this fabulous new resource with strategies for parents, teachers and health professionals.


 Save 20% on the Neurodevelopmental Disorders Bundle!!! 

The bundle includes four tool kits: Neurodevelopmental Disorders, ADHD, LD 

and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sale ends 31.12.22.


An LDC membership offers many benefits. Click here for further details.

We now offer 1 year and 3 year memberships for Individuals, Schools and Organisations.

  Supported by the NSW Department of Education